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Self Employed Car Loans

Self employed car loans are available in the Red Deer area with Auto Credit Approval. We offer reasonable rates and fast approval for self employed entrepreneur car loans for people with good and bad credit. You are in the right place if you are looking for self employed car loans.

In today’s busy world, a reliable vehicle is a necessity for a self employed entrepreneur. Unless you’re independently wealthy, chances are you can’t afford to pay for a new, or quality used vehicle, with cash up front. That means you will need a car loan, and for self employed entrepreneurs, it can be a tricky situation to maneuver. Fortunately, the solution is our self employed car loans.

Applying for Self Employed Car Loans

Self employed people applying for auto financing will need to supply proof of some form of income. This can be difficult if you don’t have pay stubs or cheques from an employer to show. Choosing a lender that will look at other financials factors, like Auto Credit Approval, is your best bet of getting approved for self employed car loans.

Auto Credit Approval looks at your entire financial situation. Our car financing professionals will find the best option for you to help you get approved and into your next car. If you are an entrepreneur, there are some things you can do to make it easier to be approved for self employed car loans.

Many self employed entrepreneurs have income that is somewhat unpredictable. This is why showing proof of income is so important when applying for self employed car loans. There are other kinds of financial statements that will be sufficient to show income, such as tax returns, bank statements that show your deposits or savings, or deeds to property or other assets. Have your income information handy when applying for self employed car loans.

Self Employed Car Loans Options

It is also possible for you to get approved for a secured loan by using your assets, such as your home, real estate properties or other vehicles, as collateral. You may also have a car that still has a lot of value that you could use as a trade-in to upgrade to the vehicle you want. Auto Credit Approval has a lot of options for self employed car loans.

Whatever your credit or financial situation may be, Auto Credit Approval can help. We’re locally owned and operated in Red Deer, Alberta. Give us a call, or get the approval process started today by filling out our online credit application for our self employed car loans.