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Car Loan for New Immigrants

A car loan for new immigrants can be acquired at Auto Credit Approval of Alberta. If you are new to Canada and need a car fast, Auto Credit Approval can give you a car loan for new immigrants.

A car loan for new immigrants, or a 9SIN car loan, is similar to a bad credit or no credit car loan, so your best bet is to deal with someone who specializes in these. 9SIN refers to a social insurance number that begins with a 9 and indicates that you not yet a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident. Because of this new, or temporary status, it can be difficult to obtain a car loan.

Auto Credit Approval, a service under Central Alberta Finance, has specialized in getting people behind the wheel of a car, whatever their situation, since 2004. Let us help you with a car loan for new immigrants.

Auto Credit Approval of Alberta

Auto Credit Approval is located in Alberta and services Alberta, BC and Saskatchewan. We work directly with customers with bad or no credit. The biggest challenge for new immigrants is something called, no credit history. This means you have no credit record in this country and the banks and-or lending institutions are unwilling to take a chance on your loan. This is not a problem for Auto Credit Approval. We will work with your circumstances to get you into a car fast, with a car loan for new immigrants.

Building credit with a car loan

When you are new to Canada you want to start building your credit as soon as possible and a great way to do that is with a car loan for new immigrants. We report to three credit bureaus helping to build your credit history as quickly as possible. At Auto Credit Approval we will put our years of experience to work for you to get you approved for terms that suit your situation with a car loan for new immigrants.

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